Xbox: The Xbox Game Pass


Earn the many possible Xbox gift card codes brought to you by U7BUY. On any Xbox, Microsoft has something called the Game Pass available for all players. The Xbox Game Pass allows a player to have access to hundreds and thousands of games at their disposal to play!

Microsoft not only has this available for just Xbox players, but you can also play any of these games through a PC or the Cloud. All you have to do is go to the Microsoft or Xbox store and download whatever game catches your eye. You can even have access to some of these games on your tablet or smart phone!

With the Game Pass, you will also have the EA Play membership already provided for you too. While before you would have to pay for the membership separately, now you don’t! This means that are able to play games made by EA such as the all popular Madden series, as well as other EA Sports games to choose from.

Unlike other consoles like the Switch or PlayStation, you won’t need to pay for online multiplayer access, as the Game Pass already provides it too. This way you are able to play with your friends or play online multiplayer games in general without paying more. The online access lasts as long as the Game Pass membership does.

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One of the biggest pros to getting the Xbox Game Pass is to be able to play new games the second they are released. This way, there is no longer any real need to pre-order any upcoming games, or stress about the release price. The second that new game that you have been keeping up on releases, you’ll be able to download and play it right away!

With the Game Pass, you will also be able to have special discounts for games, perks, and other memberships. This feature is available for both console and PC, making it a great deal for both. There are three types of the Game Pass however, as each is for either the PC, console, or both machines.

The console Game Pass membership will give you at least over 25 video games on the catalog. This includes the membership benefits and discounts along with access to online multiplayer. Meanwhile, the PC Game Pass contains much more with the EA Play membership, discounts, a larger catalog of video game choices, and access to games the second they release.

When it comes to pricing, the console Game Pass is about $10 per month. Meanwhile, the PC Game Pass is also $10 per month, but is worth $1 for the first 14 days! The same also goes for the Ultimate Game Pass. This pass allows for both console, PC, and more benefits for $16 per month and also $1 for the first 16 days. Earn more gift cards at U7BUY and great prices!

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