Peter Raue Preis for Berlin’s Hangarmusik


The Berlin Hangarmusik, founded by Leila Weber and Andreas Knapp in 2016, received the first “Peter Raue Preis” award, which supports individuals or institutions that set an outstanding example of social, civic or cultural commitment. With a bonus of 10.000 euros for these purposes, Peter Raue Preis inherits the values, dynamism and enthusiasm of Peter Raue, the eponymous partner of the Berlin-based Raue law firm.

The Hangarmusik project works on the social integration of refugees, enabling children and young people to play orchestral music without musical knowledge. Originally created for children who have come to the hangars at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport from the European hotspot VIAL since 2015, the project also became active on the Greek island of Chios in 2021. Hangarmusik has successfully transformed the traumatic and difficult living conditions of children and teens with the following conditions as refugees into happy and laughing young people who discover their musical abilities. At the same time, the project fosters a sense of community and social responsibility.


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